A losing battle

We are becoming increasingly disconnected. From each other, and from our world. Where has it led us so far…. this “progress”… this “civilization”? Where are we going? Is the world truly as sinister as we color it? There is so much hate in the world… and so much fear. We are told that war is inevitable, and that war is the way of the world, but this is unacceptable. For nature to exist in the condition of division and destruction… is to destabilize the entirety of life. It is thought that animals exist in a state of constant conflict, but in fact, this isn’t true. The species who have done the best to survive have done so by cooperating with others of their species. As has been shown many times, participation and cooperation are much more effective at furthering survival in the wild. We are conditioned to believe that we need instruction, that our world is imperfect and in need of control… but these things can’t be correct. Planet Earth didn’t need us to form mountains, or fill the oceans. But since the advent of money, we have begun to tear down everything she built. The evolution of very early societies is predicated on participatory democracy and cooperation. Our current system of hierarchy and structure is a prison of our own design. Within these walls our minds are closed and decaying. The connections between us, once like roots spanning an ancient forest, sharing information like nutrients… to spread creativity and possibility between our shared minds… these connection are beginning to rot and fall away as the byproducts of our selfish and hateful attitudes divide us into smaller and smaller groups. Without these connections, we are doomed to failure, not only personally… but as an entire species, and an entire planet.

We spend so much time trying to find impurities and inequities between us, that we constantly overlook one simple fact… that from the microbes in the soil, to the massive redwood tree… and even us… we are all woven into the same web. Removing just one tiny species from this web sends ripples through the very system on which we depend for life, fresh air, clean water, and, essentially… happiness. Our planet is a rare gift, and the gift of our consciousness is even more rare.

It takes many types of minds to make the world work, and only one type to make it fail. It takes only one type of mind to end the world in a bath of fire, or a toxic rain. The mind of a human being is shaped by the environment we feed it, and it will always crave this input as it matures. But the world we’re building now is a legacy of destruction, hate, and division. All religious belief aside… we are human beings, and no God would advocate for the destruction of any form of life. When the birds fall from the sky by the thousands, and when the most fresh sources of water become tainted with deadly levels of neurotoxins… it is time to stop everything. We are not weak of heart, and we are not weak of mind. We are a creature of vast capability… the extent of which we can never truly understand unless we are willing to trade our hate and greed… for love, trust and cooperation. Indeed, life on this planet was only able to progress due to one immutable fact: cooperation means survival.

But now… our division leads to our destruction… And there is but one type of mind, cultivated by the darkness of greed and nurtured by our self interest, that is burning us from the inside like a cancer. This is the mindset of hate. Do we really want to build a world on fear and domination? Should we spend our lives afraid to go outside, or too scared to drink water from a stream? Or even too afraid to meet our neighbors? This is not in the essence of life. Fear is in the essence of death. Fear diminishes our capacity to trust or even love.

The change must happen in each of us. Switching our mindset from that of fear and hate, to cooperation and trust… is how we stop the bleeding. When you find yourself hating anything, or anyone… for any reason… you only further cultivate the destruction in which we wade. Violence begets violence… and we cannot make peace from war. Every civilization in history has tried to convince it’s people that destroying their enemy will bring peace and freedom, but with history as our guide (at the very least), we know this is not true.

~ by s_peak on January 4, 2011.

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