Freedom isn’t free (literally)

Is freedom subjective? Do animals have a concept of freedom, and if so, is it similar to ours?

I submit to you… that all creatures have an innate need for freedom. The truth of which becomes evident when seeing birds pick out all their feathers in a cage. I’ve seen chickens, cats, dogs, etc… express a need to explore, and illustrate a distain for confinement against their will. This need can vary from creature to creature, just like in humans. This is essentially obvious, right? Okay. But what’s important to realize, however, is that this IS freedom. Animals (humans included) need freedom. It’s a basic necessity. The ability to move freely, to travel. To not be held against our will, and to protect those we love.

The way we humans have come to define freedom is a little askew, if you ask me. Our idea of freedom varies from person to person, as well. What is clear to me, though, is that money creates freedom (it also creates power, which is related). And… with unlimited money, we truly are free. We can essentially change the world any way we see fit (although, studies show you really can’t buy happiness). We can travel anywhere (even buy a green card through various means, some more legal than others), own anything or give anyone anything they need (probably). Save billions of lives (well money is arguably CREATING conditions of horror or famine in the world. Read:¬†Privatizing¬†water, prisons etc)… and hell, while we’re at it, we can break any law we want and then pay our way out of it if we get caught.

I mean. With money you can basically liberate or enslave entire nations, or just yourself. Which I guess is great… but fuck that hippie shit. I need to get mine.

What I’m getting at, if it isn’t already painfully obvious, is that if money represents potential freedom (no more worrying about bills, shelter, food etc…). Then the pursuit of money is enslavement. Which is to say, we enslave ourselves. I think despotic leaders of old learned that slavery works best when people don’t think they are enslaved. Throughout history there are already examples of slaves who had property and possessions but didn’t consider themselves slaves. Now, granted, some people are more comfortable with this enslavement than others. That is fine, I suppose. But investing more time into the pursuit of money only seems to shackle us further. Having a mortgage and a car for instance… just increases your need for money. What’s wrong with that? People need shelter and food. And we can’t just give those things away.

Well, I mean… we COULD… we’ve never actually tried, so we don’t know if we actually could, and every system in history that had some form of participatory democracy has been wiped out by greed and then vilified (the Inca, the Maya, the Iriquos, possibly the Egyptians)… and with just the waste or deficit of the USA, we could feed and help the entire world (using simple tech like aquaponics / UV water treatment, etc)… in theory it could work but people are too afraid of losing our “freedom” that ideas like The Venus Project aren’t even considered (not that this set of ideas is perfect)… just more “hippie nonsense”.

Of course… if you reject money, you actually CAN live a sweet life without being a mooch. Kind of like what Daniel Suelo did… chronicled in “The man who quit money”. He doesn’t allow any charity… and he also refuses to take money. But he’s not lazy. He volunteers frequently. He just disagrees with the necessity of money. He sometimes camps illegally, but that’s another interesting question of freedom. Why can’t we just go live out in the wild without it being illegal? We’ve been led to believe that we can’t work without money. That’s a failure of ingenuity and creativity. All I know is… people want freedom. And while money provides a glimpse of potential freedom, it mostly just keeps us in a game that someone else is running. In this game, our lives are drained from us while someone up high (not God. He doesn’t need money… although, from the looks of the catholic church, you wouldn’t think so. Sorry. Wrong post.) profits from it. They even stoop to profit from war. Literally making us give our lives for an elite few. Is that really what we think we deserve? Is this the best we think we can do? And do “we” really think we deserve to own 3 cars and 2 cell phones while most of the world is starving or thirsty? Because “our” lavish lifestyles COME from the pillaging of other nations. Let’s be real.

A great quote from Daniel Suelo is: “the more you have, the less you give.” … which is a general statement, but essentially true. There are other people out there who illustrate the illusory nature of money, and honestly, they give me hope. For money, to me, while representing a potential means of freedom… is not the only way. Question it! (get it? Like the domain/name of the blog? That’s TOTALLY my catchphrase now!)


~ by s_peak on June 13, 2013.

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