You’re doing it wrong.

I have a confession to make… so brace yourself.

I use psychedelics and (spoiler alert) they’re awesome. They are fun to use, yes… but I also use them for learning purposes… or as medicines for my otherwise ailing and twisted psyche. I mean, plenty of research shows the potential of mushrooms (for instance) as a very powerful antidepressant absent of any real side-effects. They’ve also been given to terminal patients in a hospital to ease the transition into death. Again.. With great results. Now tell me that isn’t awesome. In our culture, so hellbent on cultivating fear , shouldn’t we be examining things that alleviate it?


Yes. It’s just like that.

Hallucinogens in general (with a couple notable exceptions) have been used for thousands of years. Much longer than we’ve had “Science” or “religion” per se (although, these is an interesting theory that ties hallucinogens and religion together). Hallucinogens (I prefer the natural ones) are a powerful tool for understanding ourselves, which we need, since we still don’t seem to grasp consciousness. Even though we all have it (well, some of us more than others, am I right!?) and have the ability to look at it from the inside, we rarely do. Why is that? Are we afraid of what well find?

Actually, yes. I think that’s a big part of it, stemming from various causes. Including, but not limited to: Personal trauma. Human guilt from the fact that were killing the planet and each other for essentially no reason. Fear of learning the truth about your religion. Yeah, I went there… But notice I did not say “God”…. Because hallucinogens provide what can easily be described as a deep, personal, spiritual experience. In some cases you may even speak directly to god if that’s what you’re into. Oh yeah and there’s one other thing they do that’s pretty cool…

They make you abhor violence and feel in the very core of your soul that every living (and, fuck it… Why not… every non-living thing) is connected in an amazing and beautiful web that we get to be a part of. And maybe that’s what god is? Maybe that creative force, so essential to our being… that has been buried by our anthropocentric egos, is within all of us just waiting to become expressed.

Hallucinogens can show you the real you. Sometimes they make you laugh so hard that you cry. Sometimes they show you the error of your ways. Sometimes they lead you to feel a love so deeply that your heart overflows… And yes, sometimes they can show you fear… But they can also show you how to overcome it. Which leads me to perhaps the most powerful ancient medicine known. Ayahuasca.

Ayahuasca. The taste is... rough.

Ayahuasca. The taste is… rough.

Perhaps you’ve heard of ayahuasca… And if you haven’t, then you should look it up. Ayahuasca is similar in scope to Iboga, but less “complicated”. While Ayahuasca has only RARELY caused fatalities (and only in this age) due to being combined with prescription drugs… Iboga has caused ¬†a few more fatalities than ayahuasca. Again, however, these deaths were caused by improper use, associated with addiction or withdrawal from prescription drugs… most notably anti-depressants. The use of Ayahuasca can actually help fix the damage that these prescription drugs do, and has been used very successfully to treat heroin addiction (among other things)… but requires abstinence from other substances and a specific diet in order to achieve proper and safe results. This ancient medicinal brew is not really for those looking for kicks. It CAN be fun, but it shows you what you need, not what you want. You can ask it to show you things about yourself… to show you the future… to speak with the dead. Sound fanciful? Maybe… but speaking from first hand experience… what I saw was enough to convince me that it is more than just a “drug”. It is ancient wisdom expressed through the roots and the leaves of the jungle… internalized into you. Ayahuasca is referred to as the “great teacher” or the “great mother”. And she has something to show you. So. Anyway. Look that up, sometime.

The subject of each hallucinogenic medicine on it’s own requires it’s own post… but the point of this post is to drive the point home that we should be studying these helpful plants and fungi so that we may understand their potential. We should be classifying them as MEDICINES… not drugs. Prescription drugs and alcohol are responsible for deaths that are orders of magnitude higher than than all hallucinogens combined. It’s actually hard to find numbers on “hallucinogen deaths” because there really are very few…. ever. I want people to question the official stance on “drugs”… and even question the DEFINITION of “drugs”. If someone asks you if you use drugs, ask them to clarify. Do they mean sugar,¬†caffeine, alcohol? All mind-altering chemicals. I mean… a hangover is basically sugar withdrawal.

Don’t be afraid to explore your mind. Be cautious, but never be afraid. Your consciousness is yours and yours alone. Don’t give it to advertisements and propaganda designed to keep you thinking in a linear and destructive fashion. QUESTION IT!!

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