Creationism Vs. Itself

In light of the recent debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham… I’d like to discuss something that I think was overlooked. The questions “Where does life come from” and then “Where does consciousness come from” came up, and I feel as though they didn’t get the love the deserved. If you haven’t heard of the Miller-Urey Experiment, then check out this wikipedia page:–Urey_experiment


TL;DR: In this experiment from the 50s, it was predicted that organic molecules would form if an “early earth” environment was recreated. The experiment was a resounding success. Amino Acids formed… consuming methane, ammonia and other atoms in the process.

So let’s just let that satisfy our curiosity for the question at that resolution for now, because I think it’s important to take it deeper. The next question is…Why? Why is the universe motivated to create life? And why does life (invariably, in my opinion) lead to consciousness? I think that’s the truly beautiful question… to which I have derived my own answer. It’s important to note that I believe it’s possible that your answer MAY be different than mine to some degree, and that’s great! But to me, the only logical conclusion (if you accept that the universe is essentially motivated to produce life of it’s own accord) is simple but weird. We’ve been looking at it the wrong way. Matter wasn’t here first. Consciousness was here first. If consciousness is to be thought of as the product of the complex organization of life systems… and life is thought of as the complex organization of material systems… then what comes after consciousness? Or what came before material?

The answer to both of those questions is probably: Pure energy.

The cosmic serpent signifies the connected-ness of all things... and the pattern inherent in life and the universe

The cosmic serpent signifies the connected-ness of all things… and the pattern inherent in life and the universe

Ancient cultures around the globe believed that in our minds lies the key to truly understanding the “force” behind life. There is an ongoing pattern … and actually. I think I’m going too far off topic. But I suggest you check out some interesting reading: The Cosmic Serpent … and The Holographic Universe. Sit and ponder this idea, if you’re interested. Thinking about consciousness is the BEST way to figure it out! It’s one of the few fields of study that you need only one thing for: A brain.

(Well… an armchair, meditation and some hallucinogens help, but those things are optional.)

So my point is that even if you are a creationist… there is a place for you in science. The fact that some aspects of the bible are completely disproved by observable science does NOT mean that there’s no God. In fact, I feel like I shouldn’t have to say this, but I will: It should already be commonly understood that the bible is fallible, since some parts of it directly benefit the ruling classes… like that part about beating your slaves, having multiple wives (which is fine, I guess, but a little misogynistic if you ask me) and stoning non-believers to death. Let’s be real. The bible is nonsense. If you want to know God better, then align yourself with that force of creation. Don’t kill things. Strive to make your actions creative instead of destructive. Don’t belittle our planet and science by treating them like obstacles between you and your God. Respect life on this planet. I guarantee you, if there’s a God up there… he won’t send you to hell for being a good person in the naturally understandable way. People knew it was wrong to kill before the bible. You can tell him I said so. If God is up there, then he’s not petty. He’s not jealous. He doesn’t want you to kill. He’s not like humans. He’s also not a “HE”. To be like “him”, you need to start acting like it. Stand up for human rights and for nature. You can keep your religion, but don’t use it as an excuse to justify human-caused destruction of nature and knowledge.

Libraries of the past were burned by usurpers who flaunted their “religious right” to do so. Remember that. And ask yourself why. Why is knowledge about the past – about who or what we really are so dangerous?

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