Arrival in Peru

It’s a strange feeling. My first plane is about to depart, and I’m watching the sun rise on the tarmack. I’m not sure that there’s a single word for how I feel. I’m not sad, but goodbyes are hard, and major change can be personally alienating. That’s what this whole thing is about, though – Change. I’ve been to Peru once before. About two years ago, I was motivated by the same (or a similar) mix of feelings. A caustic blend of love, guilt, curiosity, spite and anger to name a handful. Outside the window of the plane, the sunrise splashes color onto low-hanging clouds that are packed so tightly between California hills that they look like fresh snow… Filling in the fractal pathways at the base of the hills, making beautiful patterns. As the sun rises further, the cloud layer recedes likes waves from the shore.

I am continually finding new reasons to be on this trip. My original motivations for departing on this trip were a bit different than how I feel them now. Only after setting everything up had I realized how much I needed to do this. Again it seems that I was unconsciously pulled into this decision… and so far it seems like I’ve made the right choice. I’m not sure how. It could be luck.

…12 hours later…

It’s midnight and Lima is muggy. It’s always muggy… and huge. Lima, after all, contains 1/3 of the population of Peru. There’s almost always a marine layer hanging over the city which means it’s always foggy and wet. About now I’m very tired of hauling around this big box of solar gear. I’m looking forward to getting this giant box to it’s final destination. It landed safely, if not a little beat up. After a thankfully chill customs agent, I watched a drug dog shit on the floor of the airport. This made the fact that there were drug dogs in the airport sniffing all the bags just a little less abrasive. After a few more sweaty lines I was greeted by Chris and Whitey who are the leaders of the “school” I would be attending. They make excellent company.

From here we have about another 8 hours on a bus to get to Huaraz, then another hour to get to “The Hof” … my home away from home. Shit, I can’t wait to get rid of all this extra baggage (double entendre?)… but isn’t patience part of the reason I’m here?

~ by s_peak on March 4, 2014.

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